Table 15: Administration (part 2 of 2)

Administration of and arrangements for alternative service
State Authority responsible Specific responsibilities (C - also determines recognition of COs) Type of service and where performed.

M - unarmed military

P - in public sector

N - in NGOs

Conscript may choose placement? Appeal and transfer possibilities
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Ministry of Defence direct supervision PN   Through the local sector of defence to the Sector of defence and critical management
Moldova Directorate of Alternative Service (answerable to Republican Recruitment Commission) Local officers receive and investigate applications on behalf of Recruitment Commissions; Directorate approves employers, makes placements, organises training, monitors fulfilment adjudicates on disputes not clear (see text) No indication of any opportunity to choose. Yes, in principle, to the alternative service authorities (Article 23)
Norway Ministry of Justice   PN    
Poland Ministry of Labour   PN    
Romania Ministry of Defence direct supervision PN - also trade companies in appropriate fields   Transfer to military service possible
Russian Federation Federal Service for Labour and Employment makes allocations; receives appeals - decisions are relayed to the conscript through local Military Commissariat P - only federal and regional, not municipal organisations. no to the Federal Service for Labour and Employment, whose decision can be appealed to the Courts
Serbia-Montenegro Commision for Civilian Service (appointed by Ministry of Defence) Approves employers. seeking the views of the Ministry responsible for the area of activity in which the organisation operates PN - only four NGOs approved for the purpose Informal advance contacts contacts with with employing organisation encouraged, but these are not binding on the allocation No formal system
Military Sector Receives monthly reports about the conscript's work, including,e.g. details of any special leave awarded      
Slovakia Ministry of Defence   PN    
Sweden National Service Administration (reporting to Ministry of Defence)   P as far as possible (Article 3,7)  
Switzerland Ministry of Economic Affairs   PN  -  including any private body serving the public interest    
Ukraine Ministry of Labour and Social Policy   P   yes
USA  (S) Selective Service Agency (see text) employer, assisted by any co-ordinating agency which has organised the placement, reports to the SSA on satisfactory performance PN May suggest own placementusually accepted if it fitsthe criteria and the employer is willing to sign a contract with the SSA. to the Civilian Review Board, whose decision shall be final
Uzbekistan Ministry of Defence