Table 11: Procedure

Procedure for recognition of Conscientious Objector status
State Application form available? Application made to: Documentation required Personal attendance
Austria downloadable  from web Call-up Commission, Ministry of Interior, or Military District Command none not required
Albania no details known
Armenia       required
Azerbaijan no procedures established
Bosnia- Herzegovina:        
Federation (C)   to Commission for Civilian Service   rarely required
Republika Srpska (C)   to Regional Commander of Military Service   not required
Bulgaria   to local military commander   may be required
Croatia   directly to the Civilian Service Commission written justification  
Cyprus   directly to Ministry of Defence    
Denmark from Ministry of Interior direcly to the Conscientious Objection Administration Board written justification if after start of service not required
Estonia   Ministry of Defence in writing may be required
Finland from Ministryof Defence directly to Ministry of Defence (if before start of service) in service: to regimental commander reserves: to commander of miltary province none other than the form not required
Georgia   directly to District Military Commission   may be required
Germany   directly reference to Article 4b of the Constitution not required
Greece     Certificates from: the police, that the applicant has never applied for a firearms licence, and from the Forest Public Service that he has never held a hunting licence copy of criminal record always required
Hungary (S)       not required
Israel       required
Latvia   local conscription centre    
Lithuania   to regional conscription centre motivation letter and curriculum vitae  
Macedonia   to local conscription department   may be required
Moldova   to the officer of alternative service in the district (city). (Article 11) documents confirming the membership of the respective religious or pacifist organisation (Article 14) must be present at hearing (Article 16), but no indication that may speak
Norway from Ministry of Justice     not required
Paraguay   to the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies or to local administrations in some departments.   declaration must be sworn in person
Poland   directly   required
Romania   directly to Ministry of Defence details of denominational membership no indication
Russian Federation     at applicant's  discretion, plus list of witnesses required
Serbia-Montenegro   via local armed forces office   rarely required
Slovenia (S)     may be obtained by the Commission may be required
Sweden       not required
Switzerland   to Central Civilian  Service Authority curriculum vitae, written justification undertaking to perform civilian service required
Taiwan   application form statement of beliefs certification of active membership of a registered legal organisation    
Ukraine   certification from a minister of religion from an exempted denomination   not usually required
USA from post offices statement of beliefs plus (optionally) letters of support from persons who have personal knowledge of your conscientious objection   Required - may be accompanied by an adviser and up to three character witnesses
Uzbekistan       required