Table 10: Recognition of Conscientious Objector Status

Nature and composition of body which decides on recognition of Conscientious Objector status
State Title (where known) Responsible to / appointed by (Minister/ry of…) Membership:
Albania a commission Defence representatives of: Ministry of Defence, other Ministries, religious organisations, organisations
Armenia local Military Draft Commission (Law on Alternative Service, Articles 8 and 9) Defence  
Austria   Interior  
Federation Commission for Civilian Service Defence  
Republika Srpska Ministry of Defence local office    
Brazil Regional Commander of Military Service (see text)    
Bulgaria Alternative Service Commission Welfare and Labour lawyer (chair), doctor, representatives of Ministry of Defence, and of Religious Affairs
Croatia Civilian Service Commission Justice  
Cyprus Ministry of Defence    
Denmark Conscientious Objection Administration Board Interior  
Estonia Ministry of Defence    
Finland Ministry of Defence    
Georgia District Military Commission Defence  
Germany Federal Office of Civilian Service Family, the Elderly Women and Youth  
Greece Advisory Committee (Law 2510/97, Article 20) Defence Associate Judge of Council of State, 2 university professors (political science, sociology or law), a recruitment officer, an armed forces psychiatrist
Hungary (S) the competent Administration Office (Act 90/93, Article 116(1)) Employment  
Israel exemption board (for female conscripts), Conscience Committee (Committee for granting exemptions from defence service for reasons of conscience) Defence,internal to Israeli Defence Forces a rabbi, a psychiatrist, an army officer, a member of the public and a female soldier

not published

Latvia a commission   representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the National Commission on Human Rights
Lithuania a commission unclear representatives of:

public organisations, religious communities, educational institutes

Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Commission for Civilian Service Defence  
Moldova District Recruitment Commission - advised by District Officer of Alternative Service, who investigates applications Defence vice-chair is a representative of alternative service
Norway Ministry of Justice    
Paraguay Human Rights Committee of the Chamber of Deputies 6 (of 17) Juntas Departamentales none  
Poland District Draft Board   five members
Portugal (S) National Committee for Conscientious Objection Prime Minister via Minister for Youth  
Romania Commission for Conscription Defence  
Russian Federation Military Draft Commission Defence deputy head of local authority (chair) physician responsible for conducting examinations for military service representatives of relevant government agency and federal employment service.
Serbia- Montenegro   Defence psychologist, religious representatives
Slovakia local conscription committee Defence  
Slovenia (S)   Administration social worker, psychologist, physician (1), internal affairs official, defence official (cannot chair)
Sweden National Service Administration Defence  
Switzerland commission Economic Affairs civilians appointed by the Ministry
Taiwan Review Committee Interior 2-4 representatives of: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, also religious reps.
Ukraine Alternative Service Committee Labour and Social Policy among others, representatives of armed forces and of Government Committee for Religious Affairs
USA  (S) Local Claims Board Selective Service Administration volunteers (may not be serving or newly retired military personnel)
Uzbekistan Military Commissariat