In Memoriam (1)

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The last few years have seen the passing of several important figures from the founding years of CPTI:

John Randall died suddenly in Summer 2018.  He and his wife Nina, a UN functionary, had given valuable assistance to CPTI in gaining UN accreditation.  But above all he is remembered as the creator of the CPTI website.

Pedro Otaduy died in January 2012, at the early age of 53.  Pedro had been the host at the 1994 conference in Hondarribia on the Basque coast where the decision to found CPTI was taken.  For some years he was Treasurer, then, from 2006 until his death, President.   See "Pedro Otaduy:la lucha de un insumiso" [a rebel's struggle] by Miguel Garcia de Andres, Pamida, 31134 Arre, Spain, 2014.

March 2011 – Latest German Draft Bill.

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A draft of a Civilian Tax Act (Zivilsteuergesetz) was published on 14th March 2011. The German text, written by Annette Fabbri of the Goethe University, Frankfurt-am-Main, in collaboration with Dr Paul Tiedemann of Frankfurt and Professor Dirk Löhr of the Fachhochschule, Trier, can be read here. Entwurf eines Zivilsteuergesetzes (ZstG) (new window).

The Case of Bayatyan v. Armenia

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In July 2010, CPTI joined with four other international organizations to submit an amicus brief in support of an Armenian Jehovah's Witness's complaint to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) under Article 9, Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (new window). It would be a major breakthrough if the ECHR were, at last, to acknowledge conscientious ob­jec­tion to military service as a human right in line with the UN Human Rights Committee. Read the brief (new window). We eagerly await the court's decision. More.

A Persistent Voice: A Book Review by Ruth Flower

Book cover image:  A Persistent Voice, by Marian Franz
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Friends of Marian Franz, a co-founder of CPTI, published a book of her essays entitled A Persistent Voice: Marian Franz and Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation. Ruth Flower perused this collection of writings and described its treasures. Read the full review (new window). Visit the publisher's Web page (new window) for this book.

Republic of Korea—An Historic Decision

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Following a landmark case, the UN Human Rights Com­mittee has now declared that conscientious objec­tion to military service is a pro­tected form of manifestation of religion, belief or conscience under Article 18 of the Inter­national Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (23 January 2007). More.