Court Cases, Continued

Report Workshop 8

The pre-conference write-up is quite detailed about several court cases going on in the world, and it was decided that it would not be worth repeating all of that in this report.

The workshop focused on what a person can do if he/she loses a case his/her own country. There are international appeal possibilities. The main thing is to completely exhaust all possibilities in one's own country before going on to the international arena. Definitely differentiate your own case from others. That gives an international body the possibility of deciding differently from other similar cases.

In the Americas, a case can be appealed from one's own country to the Organization of American States Commission on Human Rights. In Europe, cases can be appealed from one's own country to the European Commission on Human Rights in Strasbourg. In both of the above situations, the cases can be appealed to the In Geneva. For Europeans, one must go to Strasbourg within 6 months of one's last national decision.

One particular national situation was reported by Concha Martin that Spain's courts have not recognized conscientious objection of any kind.

It was generally agreed that all of us around the world can benefit from learning about one another's court cases especially those which are successful In one's own country (many have been such In Italy, and people would like to know more about those cases) and those which get to some International body.

One good way of communicating is through computer networks There are computer networks concerned about peace and social justice around the world, and one can communication via this electronic medium very easily, quickly, and inexpensively. Below is contact Information about such networks for people in various parts of the world.

  • *ComLink
  • *GreenNet
  • *Institute for Global Communications
    • PeaceNet/EcoNet/ConflictNet
    • 18 De Boom Street
    • San Francisco, CA 94107, USA
    • Tel: +1(415)442-0220
    • Fax: +1(415)546-1794
    • Email:
    • Contact: Geoff Sears
  • *NordNet
  • *Pegasus Networks
  • *Web
    • Nirv Centre
    • 401 Richmond Street
    • Suite 104
    • Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3AB
    • Tel: +1(416)596-0212
    • Fax: +1(416)596-1374
    • Email:
    • Contact: Kirk Roberts
  • *GlasNet
    • Ulitsa Yaroslavaskaya 8
    • Korpus 3, Komnata 216/217
    • 129164 Moscow, RUSSIA
    • Tel voice: +7(095)217-6182; +7(095)217-6173
    • Tel data: +7(095)262-4857; +7(095)262-0209
    • Email:
    • Contact: Anatoly A. Voronov

There are others. People from countries not mentioned above may contact:

  • APC International Secretariat
    • c/o IBASE
    • Rua Vicente de Soura 29
    • 22251-070 Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL
    • Tel: +55(21)280-4467
    • Fax: +55(21)286-0541
    • Email:

Nations on the continent of Europe I believe can subscribe to GreenNet located in the UK.

-Michael Folger