Annex 1: Attendance at the GA of July 10, 2004

Members present at the GA July 10, 2004 in Brussels: David Bassett, Jan Birk, Conscience Canada (Marilyn Hébert), Conscience The Peace Tax Campaign UK (Oliver Haslam), Euros's voor Vrede (Bart Horeman), Christa Voigt, Svend Henriksen, Koenraad Moens, National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund (Marian Franz), Norwegian Quakers' Peace and Human Rights Committee (A.M. Nilsen-Quirk), Pedro Otaduy, Dirk Panhuis, Stichting Vredesfonds (Bart Horeman).

Members represented by proxy: Bob De Baecke (by Koenraad Moens), Gerald Drewett (by Conscience – Oliver Haslam), Giorgina Momigliano (by Dirk Panhuis), Kees Nieuwerth (by Christa Voigt).