Follow-up committees

Task: Next Conference

  • Co-ordinator: Dirk Panhuis email:
  • Code: C06
  • Other people involved: Daniel Woodham, Dominique Boisvert, Friedrich Heilman

Task: Colombian Project

  • Co-ordinator: Daniel Woodham
  • Code: CP
  • Other people involved:
  • Ricardo Esquivia, Pedro Otaduy, Derek Brett, D. Bassett, D. Panhuis

Task: Canadian Project

Task: Communication between CPTI and National Movements

  • Co-ordinator: Derek Brett
  • Code: COM
  • Other people involved: CPTI: M. Franz, D. Panhuis, H. Morgenstern, P. Otaduy, R. Esquivia, C. Goffi, C. Tomaselli

Task: Court cases

Task: Listserv among movements

Task: Arguments and counter-arguments

Each co-ordinator should have his/her people involved list.

People from outside (not involved) can send their suggestions only to the co-ordinator. And this one will redistributed the suggestions to the other people involved in this task, and possibly others.