Next International WTR-PTC Conference

By Dominique Boisvert (Canada)

Despite the fact that no country stood up spontaneously to volunteer to organize the next Conference (2006), we think that we came out of this Conference with a much more vigorous impetus and follow up procedures. Canada was clearly asked for organizing that next Conference, as Holland and Britain were also tested. But despite the fact that some countries already organized it with vary little financial and human resources (New Delhi in 1998 and Brussels in 1992 and this year are good examples), and that organizing the Conference may turn out to be a good expanding/growing mechanism for a national movement (as Berlin apparently was for Germany with the Berlin 2002 Conference), no country was ready to make a decision on the spot in Brussels. For this reason, but also because of the recent evolution of the WTR-PTC movement at the international level AND as a result of much corridor work and informal discussions during the Conference, the Conference has adopted, during its last plenary session, a certain number of follow up mechanisms which will, de facto, serve as an informal follow up structure until the next Conference: each dossier was taken up by a specific person who accepted to be the contact person/leader/person in charge (sometimes alone and sometimes with a specific committee whose members were also identified).

For the search of an organiser for the eleventh conference in 2006 the committee is composed of Dirk Panhuis (Belgium, coordinator), Daniel Woodham (USA), Dominique Boisvert (Canada) and Friedrich Heilmann (Germany).