3 Songs

written for and performed at the conference by Ted Lewis


In the Year of Jubilee


In the year of Jubilee

People looking back on history

See the past with new eyes

Knowing better where the power lies



Time to set the conscience free

Time to lay down the weaponry

War can no more be justified

With everybody living side-by-side



In olden days when the empires ruled

A mythology made killing okay

To bolster belief there were also sacrifices

That made violence seem like the only way



‘Eye for an eye,’ it's a very ancient custom

To keep things from getting our of hand

Then somebody said, treat your enemies with love

It's hard for most people to understand



More and more there are people of conscience

Who see themselves in the face of a foe

They can't pay for war anymore that they could fight

They know that we reap whatever we sow



War Tax Blues

I love my country / but I cannot pay for war


All that money for fightin' / it's something I deplore


I don't trust the taxes / from my head down to my toes


Cuz I know better now / where half the money goes


I understand freedom / are you listenin' Uncle Sam


I know my beliefs / and I know just who I am


I'm a good citizen / I care about the common good


But I won't bow to the flag / even though they say I should


I'm happy to pay for / the things that make for peace


And maybe someday / all the violence will cease


I love my country / but I cannot pay for war


All that money for fightin' / it's something I deplore


Song for Marian Franz

by Ted Lewis

Waiting just to talk to the senator

In a room that was full of men

I was just a single little woman

And I wouldn't have been there if not for them


Off to my right were the officers

Big brass from the Pentagon

And off to my left a lobby for the corporations

Who'd love the chance to build a new weapon


When the senator opened up his door

Everybody rose up on their feet

I was feeling smaller by the second

And then I'm told, It's time for us to meet


Lobbying for peace isn't easy

But right then I was glad that I was next

Standing 'tween the military and the industry

It was me who really had the complex