Ninth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Hirschluch, Germany 2002

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  1. Forms of Tax Refusal and Actions (pdf version), led by: Jan Hellebaut (VRAK), Uta Pfefferle (NWFS)
  2. Money and modern War (pdf version), led by Otfried Nassauer (Berlin Information Center for Transatlantic Security)
  3. Terrorism and Non-Violence (pdf version), led by Clemens Ronnefeldt (International Fellowship of Reconciliation)
  4. CPTI in international Fora (pdf version), led by Dirk Panhuis (CPTI and VRAK)
  5. Promoting Support for Conscientious Objection (COMT) in Churches and Religious Bodies (pdf version), led by Lutz-E. Bohr (Taxes to Ploughshares and NWFS
  6. The Problem of Freedom of Conscience in the Process of a possible European Constitution (pdf version), led by Dr. Wolfgang Ullmann (former member of German Bundestag and European Parliament)
  7. Meaning and Purpose of Taxes in biblical witness (pdf version).\, led by Rev. Dr. Dietrich Schirmer (NWFS)
  8. Coalition for Life and Peace - cancelled, led by Frank Uhe (IPPNW)
  9. Ultima Ratio and Conscience (pdf version), led by Sepp Rottmayr (Pax Christi and NWFS)
  10. Lobbying in National Legislators (pdf version), led by Marian Franz (NCPTF)
  11. The Issues of the Two-thirds World Population living on this Globe (pdf version), led by Arya B. Bhardwaj (Gandhi-in-Action) Addendum (pdf version)
  12. European Peacetax Network - yes or no? - cancelled, led by Pedro Otaduy (Campaña de Objeción Fiscal = Campaign on War Tax Resistance to Military Expenses, Spain), Jon Nott (conscience - The Peace Tax Campaign, UK)
  13. Implementing our Dreams Fund-raising for CPTI and national Peace Tax Movements (pdf version), led by Marian Franz NCPTF), Bart Horeman (Euro's voor Freede)
  14. Possibilities and Experiences of Conscientious Objection to Military Service under difficult political circumstances - cancelled, led by Rev. Henning Utpatel (NWFS)

Workshops I (pdf version) - according to conference scheme

Workshops II (pdf version) - according to conference scheme

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