Ninth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Hirschluch, Germany 2002

Blessing for Journey

at the end of the conference in Hirschluch 8.9.02

Above us, we see innumerable stars at the firmament. Often their light is already extinct, a long time ago, but still they shine for us.

May the little star in our hand remind us that commitment for peace and holding onto the demand of the military tax refusal for reasons of conscience are worthwhile even if maybe we only feel the impact later on.

Just the same like the stars, which are seen in the whole world, we are spread out over the globe, sometimes quite separated, sometimes like a cluster of stars, sometimes radiant beautiful.

If we hold the little star in our hand, we can think of each other and of this conference. Then we are beholden in the memory of mutual experience, beholden in the yearn and in the hope for a peaceful world.

For this, take the little star of hope home with you as a token of memory, of encouragement and of hope.

Rely on it: God the Creator of the stars and mankind will be with us. His good spirit, the spirit of peace and reconciliation will strengthen us. And all those, who are committed for peace shall know: Jesus of Nazareth has blessed all those who are peace-making.

And for it I plead: Go bless us, keep your sheltering hand over us and give us peace.