Appendix 2 Questionnaire

Campaign for many new active people

  1. Will the campaign be effective relative to its cost?
  2. How large should the campaign be, how much money should be allocated to it, and how long should be its duration?
  3. Should it be small, intermittent and hasty, or should it be longer and therefore well planned?
  4. Which spiritual means should it employ (enthusiasm, courage, humour, cooperation, stubbornness, will, determination, patience, impatience, anger)?
  5. Which material means should it employ?
  6. Should it contain a function of back reporting to its participants as it is progressing (so that they may become encouraged by observing the progress and feel that they are in the core)?
  7. Should it contain, and be initiated by something in the press, radio, TV and local radio?
  8. Should it employ a language - a mode of expression - that is firm and clear, direct and dignified, more positive than negative, exemplifying hope, and creating confidence and certainty? (In short, be very carefully prepared)?
  9. Should it reach the people through several channels at the same time -among others through a small folder?
  10. Should this folder measure 15 x 21 cm or 10 x 21 cm?
  11. Should this folder have a neat, positive, happy picture on the foreside (or an established symbol) and a carefully prepared text with several subtitles and all the necessary information (for people who want to support with money, passive membership, active participation, buy materials, want more information)?
  12. Should the folder be printed on white recycling paper with black text (how large letters?) and one or two colours?
  13. Should different folders, small pamphlets and flyleaves be prepared (with different texts) for the different groups in the population (youth, students, workers, officials, retired persons, children, etc.)?
  14. Should it be printed in a suitable number, and distributed effectively, and be ready for reprinting if need arises, perhaps with corrections?
  15. Should also larger means be employed (street theatre, booths, public discussions, posters, transparents, flags and boards (bills), small four-legged stands, signature collections, tables for selling materials, walking/bicycling for peace, children's programs, demo's, articles to the grassroots magazines, lobbying, international network, conferences and meetings, symbolic actions, contacts with journalists, contacts with officials)? Lecturing?
  16. Should a study be found or undertaken of the probable reasons why active people are lacking in our time and lands - leading to conclusions and remedies?
  17. How many volunteers are needed when folders shall be distributed, and shall they be sent or brought to libraries, meetinghouses, small shops, physicians' waiting rooms, post-offices, and stations - or distributed by volunteers standing/sitting (on a light-weight folding chair) at supermarkets and other places where people crowd?
  18. At what time of the day, and on what weekday should they preferably be distributed for best efficiency of the distributor and for best effect?
  19. Should they be sent to each household by mail, or by special distribution, or by volunteers? (In the latter case, the city/town is divided into sections on the map, each volunteer then doing one or more sections - on foot or on bicycle)?
  20. How should we plan the timing of the initial (signalling) event and the subsequent phases of the campaign?
  21. Should the goals of the campaign be unfolded gradually or announced in full (to the public) already at its beginning?
  22. Would it be good to make the campaign flexible (with more than one source for the important parts, and more than one channel for important movements of supplies, and with abundant interim controls), with some extra persons available?
  23. Should the campaign be all work and no play, or otherwise?
  24. Would some symbolic actions be a good idea? (Planned or spontaneously?)
  25. Would it be good to ask the assistance of able artists and humorists (cartoon drawers)?
  26. Is internal control of the elements of the campaign (to bar undesirable details and incidents) very desirable and necessary?