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Stockholm 30th April 1992

Since last international meeting in Aosta, September 1990 the Swedish organisation Skattebetalare för fred (Taxpayers for peace) has increased from 50 members to 150 members. On our mailing list we have another 100 persons.

During the period September 1990 - April 1992 we have had two special campaigns, Femtio för freden (Fifty for the peace) related to the Swedish tax-declare in February. Result February 1991: 102 participants and the amount of SEK 5.100, which was given to the international project INNU-Indians in Canada. Result February 1991: 78 participants and the amount of SEK 4.000. The receiver of this amount is to be decided at our annual meeting in May 1992. Probably we will participate in the international project 1992.

We have just started up the church-group by contacting different churches in Sweden. The politician-lobby-group is not yet started. We have difficulties activating people outside the board. We hope to get more people interested in working with us during this year.

We have been heard in radio a couple of times and also been read in the press by statements made during an interview and in letters-to-the-editor column.

We have the strong and positive feeling we work steady, but slow, toward one of our sub-purpose, that to get people conscious about the fact they at the same time pay for war and work and pray for peace.

Kind regards to You Dirk and all other friends working for VRAK.

Look forward to your further information.

See You in Brussels!

Eva Parell Torstenssonsgatan

Stockholm, Sweden