Place of the Vth International Conference

The British Peace Tax Campaign has considered organising an international conference, but would rather do so in 1996. 

When at first no other movement volunteered, Arya Bardhway offered to host the conference in New Delhi. There followed a lengthy and at times emotional discussion on the advantages and disadvantages, such as:

  • India has to offer us an experience with peace and non-violence;
  • The voice of the Third World should be heard;
  • People from Asia would be more inclined to come. The same might hold for Japan and Australia that were present at previous conferences
  • For other Third World people India is as far as Europe or even further.
  • The movements presently involved in WTR-PTCs may not be able to go to India either for time or money reasons or for both. We would be a very small group.
  • In India different people, not dealing with WTR-PTCs will attend: completely new issues will come up. Going to India would destroy the momentum of our struggle.
  • India has no WTR-PTCs.

During the long discussion there grew a consensus that India would not be the right place to hold the next conference.

Then Pedro Otaduy (Campaña de Objeción Fiscal, Spain) offered to organise the Vth International Conference in the North of Spain (in Basque country near Bilbao with its international airport or Hendaye on the international railway). The time would probably the second half of September 1994. This offer was gladly accepted.