Oral Country Reports

Six written reports were submitted before the conference and are reprinted, together with two additional reports, in these Proceedings. Delegates of a few countries wanted to present activities in their country in a plenary session. 

Marya Nyland (Conscience Canada) showed a very professionally made video Your Money or Your Life, available from Conscience Canada for $15 on NTSC or from VRAK-Brussels on PAL. 

Cesar Flores, working with the Mennonite Church in Honduras, told us how Central America, where many people are too poor to pay taxes, suffers from the military backed up by taxpayers' money in the North.

Giorgina Momigliano from Italy reported on some 25 trials of war tax resisters, all of which have been acquitted. (Appendix 3) Christa Voigt and her husband have been heard by the highest Federal Finance Court (Bundesfinanzhof) in Munich (Germany). This court agreed their stand is ‘conscientious’ but ruled that ‘conscience is not involved in the payment of taxes for military purposes.’ In the mean time we heard that M. Arnold must pay DM 1,000 if he wants his appeal to be heard before the same court.

Lynne Weiss (NWTRCC) told about the case of Randy Kehler and Betsy Corner in Massachusetts. 

Marian Franz (National Campaign for a PTF) reported on the Hearing (May 21st, 1992) on the Peace Tax Bill before the Sub-Committee on Select Revenue Measures.