Dear Friends

What a remarkable group of peace activists assembled in Washington in early July for the Eighth International Conference! Thirty-one people traveled from 15 non- US countries, and 100 from the US. Thank you all for making the trip! We regret that six people from Guinea, Ghana, Pakistan and Nepal who wished to be represented were not granted visas.

Together we shared information, personal struggles, triumphs, and some laughter. The country reports gave us a sense of all the good work going on around the world. Peter Goldberger and Marjorie Kornhauser offered insights about the legal implications and interplay of conscience and tax payments. James Lawson moved us profoundly by his testimony on nonviolence over the last four decades. Saturday evening's panel gave us glimpses into the conviction and love that is involved in war tax resistance. The 17 workshops proved to be good places to network, share and learn from each other. The trips on Thursday, Friday, and Monday gave us a taste of the workings of the legislative, legal, political, religious, and military components of US culture. Music helped to bridge language and cultural barriers. People prayed and worshiped in the mornings. Conscience and Peace Tax International (CPTI) held its 4th General Assembly at the conference. We hope this conference report will stimulate good memories, and provide inspiration and information to continue on the long road of war tax resistance, nonviolence, and needed legislative change. The attendee list is a good way to keep in touch.

We look forward to the day when Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation is considered the norm for those working for peace and justice, rather than the exception. Sometimes the journey may feel lonely, but together we see that our combined ripples make a large wave.

Blessings to you all. We hope to see many of you in Germany in 2002. We were honored to host the conference!

Sincerely, the planning committee

David Demere, Susan Balzer, David Bassett, Marian Franz and Mary Loehr

P.S. Be sure to send in your order form for audio and video tapes soon (by December 1), if you want them. The photos will only be on the website until December 10. See the loose orange sheet for the web addresses and passwords.


The contributions of time and money from the following were greatly appreciated!!:  Konrad Borst, Karen Brandow, Ted Lewis, workshop leaders, worship leaders, scribes, David Sollenberger, Lana Lawrence, Stevik Kretzmann, Karla Jones, Ann Wilcox, Charles Demere, Shayla Mills, Tom Kierans, Rachel Harrison, Jennifer Beall, Joanna Reese, Greg Reagle, Karen Marysdaughter, Lifebridge Foundation, Charles Johnson, Wallace Collett, David and Miyoko Bassett, Harlin and Susan Balzer, Peace Taxpayers, Friends United Meeting, Ann Arbor Friends Meeting, Grandmothers for Peace, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends, Twin Oaks Community, Washington Area Alternative Fund, Louisa Alternative Fund, anonymous donor, and many others. We are sorry if you belong in this list and we missed mentioning your name.

Next Conferences

The Ninth International Conference will be hosted by Netzwerk Friedenssteuer in Berlin, Germany on September 6 - 9, 2002. (Christa Voigt, contact person)

The Tenth International Conference will be held in Belgium in July 2004, hosted by the Flemish Peace Tax Campaign. (Dirk Panhuis, contact person)