A Poem for the Peace Tax Fund and War Tax Resisters!!!


Poem by Ishmail Mansaray (from Guinea, West Africa)

Feel the pulse of humanity

Listen to the drums talking

Move to the rhythm 'n vibes

Expressing hopes for peace


Clap your hands, tap your feet

Swing your hips, rock to the beat

Work your mind in to the mood

To the soul, music is food


All hail the Peace Tax fund

Pay tribute to the Taxpayer's

Rid the stress, have some fun

Have a taste of your tax money,


Campaign! pay your federal tax

It great to see people contribute

To the peace tax fund

For drumming can't be wrong


There comes a time, once in a while

When people must protest,

Stop using tax money for military purpose

This time, as we are in Washington DC

Drumming is our choice, don't ask why.

Have the message right.


(Ishmail really wanted to come but could not get a visa.)