Other International Project Proposals

that were submitted for consideration to the Eighth International Conference

  • Christian Peacemaker Teams is an initiative among Mennonite and Brethren congregations, and Friends meetings who support violence reduction Teams around the world. Christian Peacemaker Teams respond to invitations from grassroots movements seeking to rectify injustice in nonviolent ways. CPT is active in Hebron, West Bank, Chiapas, Mexico, Vieques, Puerto Rico, Chicago and Washington, DC, USA, and in Ontario and New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Burundi Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Center, is a project of the Burundi Yearly Meeting of Friends and the African Great Lakes Initiative of the Friends Peace Teams Project. The Center will help mobilize people to join together to contribute to the national healing of Burundi, a small country in Central Africa which has been torn apart by socio-political ‘ethnic’ conflict since 1993. The Center will provide sites and train people to assist Burundians in their healing from trauma.
  • Global Nonviolent Peace Force proposes to train an international nonviolent, standing peace force which will deploy to conflict areas to protect human rights and prevent death and destruction, thus creating the space for local groups to struggle, enter into dialogue, and seek peaceful resolutions.
  • Campaign of Conscience For the Iraqi People, a project of AFSC and FOR, will identify a range of items urgently needed by the Iraqi people, both humanitarian assistance and equipment desperately needed to rebuild the civilian infrastructure ravaged by wars and a decade of sanctions. In delivering these items to the people of Iraq, the Campaign of Conscience will affirm both international law and moral principles.
    • Contact: website: www.forusa.org/Campaign-Iraq/CC-Iraq.html
  • Viet Nam Friendship Village Project is a multinational effort to build a small village near Hanoi, which will be home to approximately 250 Vietnamese children and elders with special needs who have no families, or whose families need assistance in caring for them. It was founded by George Mizo in collaboration with the Vietnamese Veterans Association as a gesture of friendship and reconciliation.