Ghana Country Report - 2000

On behalf of the Ghana Mennonite Church Youth peace keeping organization, I would like to share my views with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Ghana Mennonite Church Youth Peace Keeping Organization started on 12th of August 1969 by the Right Reverend Michael Kodzo Badasu who was the area Pastor for Accra (Capital of Ghana) for the Ghana Mennonite Church (GMC). He got the idea when he saw how people were fighting each other for the love of money. After seeing and hearing all this bad news he felt sorry for the innocents. He was then touched by the Spirit to form a group of people who can help him to assist the injured ones and bury the dead ones. He then started it with just five people and through his hard work the number has increased to over hundred. We are happy about that.

Concerning our beloved country Ghana I can assure you that we are enjoying a very good moment of peace. Ghana is a Christian country and also has the Spirit of bringing peace between two countries whenever there is a misunderstanding between the two of them. At the moment what is happening in Ghana is having some slight misunderstanding between our so-called politicians. And we are doing our best to solve the problem between them. We will be having our election on 7th of December 2000, so please do pray for us to have a peaceful election.

We would like to use this occasion to appeal to everybody to help us build the World with peace. We planned to travel to Congo for Peace keeping to help them end a battle. But we are lacking sponsors. So we wish to appeal to everyone to give us something so that we can travel to Congo for the Peace Keeping.

We have raised an amount of two thousand dollars within ourselves for the trip but again need about one thousand dollars. Our pleading goes to everyone to help us. You can help us through the below address.

You can write to us if you need more information about the trip and also about Ghana. We would be glad to give you a good answer. We accept money orders. God bless you all.

Your friend,

Isaac Badasu



P.O. BOX 5485



TELEPHONE: +233-21-310113 FAX: +233-21-7010436