Ninth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Hirschluch, Germany 2002

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Social Evening

On Saturday evening all ‘Countries’ got the opportunity, to report about the current national situation regarding War Tax Refusal and Peace Tax Initiatives. Reporting was very lively; many participants took advantage of the opportunity for enquiring and exchanging ideas.

You can find in this documentation all country reports we received in writing.

After this rather intensive session a bit of relaxation was needed.

At first the cultural part of the evening brought some physical action in form of a dance.

The late summer evening was wonderful warm; the outdoor lighting created a nice three-quarter-darkness; atmosphere and dance loosened up legs and heads.

After that, some of the participants recited poems, prose and sketches; sounds of piano, guitar and songs were brought to the stage:

  1. English Dance with Irene Auerbach
  2. “Just a Roll” Narrative by Wolfgang Janisch (pdf version)
  3. Peace Song Song by Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj (pdf version)
  4. “Message from Days gone” Narrative by Gudrun Rehmann (pdf version)
  5. “Ghent 1540” Sketch, performed by the Belgian group (pdf version)
  6. “Conscience is free” Song by Gertie Brammer (pdf version), accompanied by Friedrich Heilmann, guitar
  7. “About the Good and the Bad” Narrative from “The Prophet”, by Khalil Gibran, recited by Yan-Christoph Pelz
  8. Piano playing Gudrun Rehmann
  9. ‘Das muß schon sein’ Poem by Rigbert Hamsch, recited by Christel Spenn
  10. “And ev'ryone 'neath the vine...” accompanied by Friedrich Heilmann, guitar
  11. ‘Kennst Du das Land...’ Poem by Erich Kästner
  12. Pachelbel (pdf version)

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