Ninth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Hirschluch, Germany 2002


Christian Peace Conference (CPC) in Germany

Greetings to the 9th International Conference:

Conscience and Peace Tax International (CPTI)

in Hirschluch and Berlin, September 5-8, 2002

The Coordinating Group of the German CPC - meeting in August - welcomes the 9th International Conference CPTI with best wishes for good success!

The gradual abolition of war as a means of political and social struggle should also be realized by the reduction of financial resources for war preparation and warfare. We consider the acknowledgment of the individual right to refuse payment of military taxes as necessary, but this is not sufficient to achieve obligatory regulations for alternative ways to peace building and peace keeping. Along with the refusal strategy a positive practice of conversion should be drafted and realized step by step: in principle, a global peace tax paid voluntarily by individuals and corporations could be initiated and transferred to a UN peace account, yet to be created. These peace tax payments could partly be included into the UN member countries' annual fees for the official UN budget. For this reason the UN's willingness would have to be obtained to accept such a kind of immediate taxation from ‘the bottom’ to the ‘global top’. At the same time model UN member states would have to be found, convinced and won for the legal and political implementation of that kind of world peace tax an the respective national levels.

Peace-minded experts would have to deal with the details. The First step would be to put the topic of a world peace tax an the political agendas: in the UN General Assembly and in as many UN member states as possible. This would be globalization with peaceful means and perspectives: positive, confidence-building, non-confrontational, but inclusive, focusing an a future of humankind in coexistence, cooperation and good neighborhood.

The slogan could be: Achieving peace directly be direct UN peace tax: No pacification without peace taxation!

Berlin, September 2002

For the CM klaus ehrler

Warm greetings from the Colombian church and people,

Thank you for inviting me to your important Peace Tax Conference. I am deeply sorry that I cannot be with you on this important occasion. I was really looking forward to participating, especially given the special conditions of Colombia. We are deeply effected by themes you are addressing at the meetings. The government is launching a full-fledged war against the guerrilla, and the first victim is the pocket and bank account of Colombian citizens. The newest tax is going to support the army. As you can see, our situation has everything to do with your conference. Nevertheless, given the difficult and demanding situation, it was not advisable for me to leave the country at this time. I invite you to take us into consideration in your discussions. Perhaps we can have the next gathering in Colombia.

With warm regards, Ricardo Esquivia Ballesta.