Ninth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Hirschluch, Germany 2002

Minutes of the Fifth General Assembly

D-15859 Storkow-Hirschluch, Germany, September 7, 2002

Present: more than the required quorum of 1/3rd of the members plus many others.

  1. Minutes of the Fourth General Assembly (Washington, July 8-9, 2000)


  2. Report of the Board over the years 2000-2002

    The written report submitted by the Board is complemented by oral explanations given by representatives Rosa Packard and Marian Franz (UNONY) and Derek Brett (UNOG). The updated written report is given in annex.

    The GA approves the report.

  3. Finances
    1. The Accounts for 2000 and 2001 (given in annex) are approved by the GA.
    2. The contributions of national movements over the years (1997-2001) are given in annex.
    3. The Budgets for 2002, 2003, and 2004 are explained. Expenses for fund raising are put in the budget, but income as a result from that fund raising efforts cannot be estimated adequately. The budgets are approved.
  4. Elections

    The term of all board members expires. Marian Franz thanks Christa Voigt for the work done during two terms (8 years) and gives her a book (Risking for Change. Stories of ‘Ordinary People’) on behalf of the Board. G√ľnther Lott (NWFS) also thanks her with a ‘Peace’ candle for representing the German campaign NWFS. The Board also thanks Gerald Drewett and Jackie Hoskins for their work. Outgoing members Erik Hummels (Netherlands), Marian Franz (USA), Dirk Panhuis (Belgium), Pedro Otaduy (Spain), Cosimo Tomaselli (Italy) are re-elected. New candidates Bart Horeman (Netherlands) and Hannelore Morgenstern (Germany) are elected as well. There are very many votes in favor, 0 against, and 3 abstentions. The GA approves the cooptation of a possible candidate by the Board later, when Conscience -The Peace Tax Campaign (UK) will have made a proposal.

    The GA wishes that at next general assemblies the voting practice (“working towards a consensus”) be explained more clearly at the beginning of the election process.

  5. Discussion on further international action
    1. CPTI should discuss the idea of a tax in favor of the UN. CPC-Germany (Christian Peace Conference) suggests that this idea be brought into the GA of the UN, churches, national peace tax campaigns, ...)
    2. The Convention for the reform/extension of the European Union (chair: Giscard d'Estaing) could be a target for CPTI. A Peace Tax in the E.U. could be suggested.
    3. Appeals for information on court cases and other hardship should be provided by national movements to CPTI (whether the plaintiff is the State or the CO).
  6. Any other matter.

    David Bassett recommends the reading of some books like: Nonviolent Islam Soldiers and A force more Powerful.